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By John Armes

When God sought out Moses to go to Egypt and talk to the Pharaoh about “letting his people go”, he was somewhat reluctant.  Moses gave all kinds of excuses about how he was not an eloquent speaker and how Aaron was a much better speaker than he was.  Furthermore, Moses said “what shall I say ?”.  He told God that the Pharaoh would not listen to him, because he had been thrown our of Egypt for killing a Egyptian guard and would not be well received.     He was in exile from Egypt, forbidden to reenter Egyptian land.  But God said, “Moses, I want you to go, and I will tell you what to say”.   Moses finally consented to do what God had asked him to do.   God told him what to do, and Moses did exactly what God said for him to do.

How many times do we say, “But God, I am not capable to do what you want me to do”.  “There  are others that can do it much better than I can.  I have had no training, I didn’t finish college, I have too much to do with my family.”  “I just can’t do the job justice”…  But no, God says “I want you to do the job”…  So, why did God choose me ?

The same reason he chose Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, and the list goes on.  See, if you were well trained in something and were a pro at it, than people would expect you to be able to preform the task.  If you had a degree in that subject, than expectations would be high as far as the end product you would produce.  Then you would receive the glory for your works.  But, we that do not have a degree in the subject, or no training in this task that God is asking us to do, and we succeed than people would wonder how it is that we succeeded at something that we should have failed at.  As Christians, it is obvious that we couldn’t have done the task without God working thru us.  God receives the glory for being the true resource that has produced this outstanding achievement, and we must remember to give God the glory.  “For, I am all things thru Christ which strengthens me”.  When we allow Christ or God to work thru us, we glorify God.   Without God, I am nothing, but with God, I am everything…  The same goes for you.  The Bible says that “whosoever gives up his life will find it”.  So, whenever we give up our lives to Christ, than Christ working in us makes us all that we can be.  We have divine guidance.  Whereas, if we “keep our lives” intending to be the master of our own destiny, than we screw up our lives because we become the center of our own thoughts, and we make the wrong decisions  based on what we want instead of what God wants.  By nature we are born into sin and are a selfish lot.  Christ is our only redeeming salvation.  Fellowship with God is our intended destiny, and when we veer off course because of our own whim’s and desires, than we set our self up to fail.   God can change all that.

Sometimes we begin thinking about our busy lives and how we need to make more money for this and that, and making money to take care of your family is biblical, but it shouldn’t be the soul reason for our existence.  The worldly man who just thinks about himself and how he can manipulate someone to get what he wants, and the only time he is happy is when he is getting what he wants, then he has no regard for God.  Chances are he is a unhappy man.  It makes him an unthankful, manipulative, selfish, uncaring, person that hasn’t got a kind word to say to anyone.   Real Christians realize that it is all about God, and not about us.  They realize that when you put your life in God’s hands that he can do far more with it than we can do ourselves.  As Christians, we must think about God and than others.  We must take care of our families, sure but we must always put God and what he wants first.  Than all other things will fall into place.  If you are doing God’s will, than you will be taking care of your family, and God will receive the glory.  Being a Christian is not just a one day a week thing.  Christianity is a way of life.  You live it 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t make mistakes.  I know I have made plenty.  But, when you fall, you have to pick yourself up, brush off your clothes, and keep on going.  And when you can’t pick yourself up, than God will reach down and pick you up.

One of my favorite stories is about “footprints on the sand”.  It goes…  There was a Christian walking along the beach, and everywhere he went, he could see where his footprints were and he could see Jesus footprints right beside him.  He went  on for a ways and as he went, he noticed that in some places there were only one set of footprints.  So, he said to Jesus, “I noticed that sometimes in my life there were only one set of footprints in the sand.  Lord, why did you forsake me ?”  And the Lord said “as we went along together, there were times when you grew weak and were unable to walk, so when you see one set of footprints, that was where I was carrying you.”   It is the same for us.  Christ promises that he will “never leave us or forsake us”, but will be with us “always even till the end of the world”…  Reach out and embrace your destiny…  Seek God and you will find him…  And, when he reveals himself to you in a way which you cannot deny, than you will receive renewed strength, and you will understand that it is all about God and his Son, and not about you, but it is for you…   “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him shall not parish but have everlasting life”-( John 3:16)…   Amen…