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We are back to looking for property for WCFN studio’s…  Worldwide Christian Family Network will be moving into a new office at the beginning of 2016 and we will be planning a space to house the audio/video studio’s …  New studio’s will be built in the summer of 2016…  We are planning space to house HiVision Entertainment video studio and New Dream Media audio studio…   When we purchase the property and close we will be providing pictures on Armes & Associates web site, of the new WCFN office…  We may have a manager/PR/studio musician for New Dream Media and also a studio manager and engineer…  There may also be a guest writer for WCFN who will carry on the story phase of the ministry…  These people will be added to the “About ” page on the Armes & Associates website after the move and when they formally accept the positions…  Once we are set up at the new building we will continue to record Christian artists on our New Dream Media record label and seek to expand HiVision Entertainment to provide interesting and compelling audio/video presentations…  We are looking for a director, producer, crew members, and actors…  If you are around the Indianapolis Indiana area and would like to volunteer to help with video or audio presentations, send me an email at john.armes@armesassociates.com…