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By John Armes

Calling All Christians Interested In Christian Video Production !

In new studies, it has been found that movies and video productions can reach people who would never darken the doors of a church.  Churches are picking up on this as seen by the movies that have been produced by Sherwood Church and now more churches are beginning to produce movies.  Some of the things on TV leave a lot to be desired in this day and time.  I believe that with the resources available today that weren’t available years ago, and since production equipment has become more affordable, an independent filmmaker has now more of an opportunity to make a visually compelling and entertaining story, and even has access to the “magic” of effects that weren’t available in the past.  Imagine making a movie where the clouds separate and Jesus descends from the sky, or the sea opens up for Gods people led by Moses to cross the sea and flee the Egyptians.   Watch as Jesus is talking to His disciples and than is whisked up into the clouds as he ascends to Heaven, or watch Peter walk on the water to Jesus.  You can reach a lot of people thru video.  God’s church needs to be involved.  We as Christians can’t let this medium of expression pass us by.  There is definitely a need, now more than ever for Christian video.    Don’t stand on the side lines, be apart of the action!

I am looking for fellow Christians who are interested in being part of Christian productions, short stories, projects, full length movies, talk shows, and programs.  Those who have an interest or a willingness to learn, experienced or not who want to be involved in a multi-camera production.  I am also looking for :

Actors and Actresses




Gaffers and Grips

Script Writers

Camera Men and Women

Production Switchers


Sound Men and Women

Hair and Makeup

Set Construction

If you are interested in any aspect of video production, please contact me thru this web site by leaving a “reply” at the bottom of this page…