You can now preorder Steve Daniel’s new album “Brand New Home” produced at WCFN Studios Indianapolis…  You can preorder it from the website…

Steve Daniel Band Pre-order of “Brand New Home” album ($12.00) – If you are pre-ordering Steve’s new album than go to wcfnstudios.org, click on “Donation” at the top, click on the “Make A Donation”  and than put the price of the album in and click on “Special instructions to seller” and type “Brand New Home“.  That way we will know that you are paying for the album…  The album is only $12.00.  If we can get enough pre-orders, then we could have the cd’s as soon as next month…  You will have to check out this album…  We are now making arrangements for a second album…  Thanks to all fans who purchase Steve’s first album…  The second is going to be even better………….


Brand New Home Album

The Steve Daniel Band – Brand New Home Album $12.00