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By John Armes


I recently started this web site… I put a lot of Christian stories there that I write and than direct my friends and acquaintances there by telling them about it or handing out my business card and tell them to go to my web site. I know I have startled some because they aren’t Christian, didn’t know that I was Christian and I feel that some avoid me because of it. I knew that would happen, but I had to resolve in my mind that if someone avoids me or doesn’t speak to me because I am a Christian, than I can deal with it.   I consider myself an ambassador for Christ, so I am bound to do right even when others don’t…  Also, if I have to go it alone, than it is me and Christ and that is always enough…  Because “He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.” So, I shake the dust off my sandals and go on. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel of Christ…

I was trying to reason how that I could lead people toward Christ and do it in a balanced, truthful manner.  I don’t want anyone deciding on being a Christian based on enticements to try and convince them to believe in God and Christ, and than later on be disappointed when things didn’t happen.  God does promise that he will be with us always, and he will help us get through our tests and trials, but God doesn’t promise us wealth, excellent health, and never a worry from now on.  As a matter of fact, Christ said that we would be hated, despised , and rejected, just as he was…  The world will not understand us…  Some will like what we have to say, and some will hate our every word.  If Christ indicated that when we follow him, the world will hate us and despise us just as they did him, than why become a Christian and follow Christ.   Since I am usually compelled to stress the good as well as the bad in a situation, than I had to ask myself this question.  It finally came down to why Christ was hated, despised and rejected when he was here on earth.  Well, he reminded man that man is sinful and will be judged by God.  Man will also reject us because we bear witness of the light (Christ) and we remind man of his sin and his need of a redeemer.  If man doesn’t believe in God, than he can make himself a god.  He would have no one to answer to.  There world be no law.  There would be no sinful stain.  But there is sin and man doesn’t want to face it.  Man is comfortable hiding his sin and the last thing he wants is someone revealing his dirty past.  In fact, man has become arrogant with his situation.

So, why did Christ do it.  Why did God send his Son to die on a cross?  Because, man could not, and cannot  save himself.  Man is in such a helpless state, that Christ’s  love for man far outweighed the hatred and rejection he would suffer by telling man the truth, even when man didn’t want to hear it.   Like the song says, “Christ has regarded my helpless estate and shed his own blood for my soul”.  Here in this life, on this earth, is but a short time when compared to eternity.  We tend to sacrifice our futures on the here and now instead of storing up treasures in heaven.  That is why we need to be bold yet humble.  That is why we need to tell our fellow man about the gospel.  The Bible says:

1 Peter 3:15  “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a “defense”  to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

Jesus has pointed the way with his life.  Of all the fruits of the Spirit, the greatest is Love.   Also “greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his brother.”  So, when love for our fellow man becomes more important than what someone will thank of us, and in the face of hatred and rejection we choose to tell God’s truth, that man is sinful and cannot save himself from death and hell, than perhaps we can convince someone to turn around and go the right way, accept Christ’s free gift of salvation, and be heaven bound instead of hell bound.  This is why we must go and tell.  We will be hated, rejected, and despised by some, but eternity is far more important than anything we could go thru on this earth.  In the end, it will all be worth the pain.  I am no longer afraid of death, because when that moment comes, I will have discovered the place that Jesus has gone and prepared for me.  And live with him forever, and it will all have been worth it.  Seek the truth of Christ, because “if you seek righteousness, you will be filled”…